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Alan Wick - Business Coach

Alan Wick

Alan spent 25 years as an entrepreneur nationally and internationally. He now works with highly motivated, successful entrepreneurs who want to achieve the most they can with their talent and potential. He has delivered thousands of coaching hours working with creative and innovative business leaders. Alan’s particular skill is in being able to "go wherever the client needs to go" – strategically, commercially, emotionally. From scouring the P&L to discussing their deepest fears, Alan is trusted to help tap into the full spectrum of potential. 

Alan’s clients often reach a bigger destination than they could have imagined – and get there faster and with greater rewards along the way. Clients talk about Alan as “a trusted ally”, “always holding me in mind”, “bringing clarity and purpose”, “transforming our business”, and “the person who enables me to get the very most out of myself”.

Alan’s success as a business coach comes from a combination of his own track record as an entrepreneur, and his strong belief that all highly motivated people achieve their full potential when they surround themselves with the right support.

He brings with him a diversity of business experience. He has founded, co-founded and invested in several businesses, each of which was built up and sold successfully. One of these was a turn around. He piloted two through the recessions of 1979-82 and 1990-92.

Early in his career, he was MD of Turbosound, a professional audio manufacturing company; he set up its international distribution network, working all over the world. For several years he was based in New York as President of its US distribution arm; this contributed to the company winning the Queen's Award for Export Achievement, the first in its field to do so. Later he was joint MD of Scher International, a company that measured the customer service standards of top brands in the hospitality sector.

Alan is a proud father, and when time allows enjoys playing the drums. He is an avid football fan (modesty forbids him mentioning which team), and he enjoys hiking, skiing and scuba diving.

- See more at: http://www.shirlawscoaching.co.uk/profiles/2012/3/28/alan-wick-business-coach.html#sthash.eBG6FOYL.dpuf