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Highgate Works was originally the builders' yard of the well-known H&E Waters company whose business failed in 1991.  The original roof-lines of the old ramshackle yard, half a mile south of the two Forest Row roundabouts, have been retained in a complete rebuilding of the old timber structures that survived for most of the twentieth century.  The three-dimensional architect's “axonometric” drawing gives some idea of the attractive development. Rated by the Wealden District Council for: “B1 Business - Offices (other than those that fall within A2), research and development of products and processes, light industry appropriate in a residential area.”
The office/workshop building with the most obvious history, now known as CLOCKTOWER STUDIO, is the refurbished lower floor of the Victorian stabling for the horses that worked for the builders.  Its hayloft is now surmounted by a bronze and gilded clock and weathervane. The FLOOR AREA provides the basis for rental cost and rates; but due to a one foot high interior wall the actual usable space is considerably larger measured from wall to wall.
DIMENSIONS WALL TO WALL : MAIN ROOM: 39’ x 15’ = 585 sq ft (rental area is 472 sq ft).
OFFICE: 7’6” x 15’ = 112.5sq ft (rental area is 110 sq ft). TOILET 40 sq ft (rental area is 28 sq ft).
TOILET:  built to disabled toilet specification.
RATES: Rateable area is 56.58 sq mts. Rates are £53.63psm and the 2021/22 multiplier is .512. You may check the rates on the website of The Valuation Office: www.2010.voa.gov.uk.  The billing authority reference number is Ba120501152270 look for "Ground/Office/56.58"
WATER AND WASTE WATER COSTS are based upon readings measured by the water meter (Meter Number: 2549377 (MARKED III on cast iron lid in Tomtits Lane). Water £4 pcm. Waste Water £6 pcm.
WASTE COLLECTION: £6 per week covers the use of one quarter of the 1100 litre waste-bins on wheels in the lane.
CAR PARKING: Final rent figure will add car parking spaces reserved for your exclusive use (£1 per car per day). There is usually space available in Tomtits Lane or on site for use of casual visitors. Additional reserved car spaces are occasionally available. Each additional car space is £7 per week if required. CAR SPACES PLAN HERE
ELECTRICITY: billed quarterly by the landlord at end of Mar/June/Sep/Dec. The meter (number 6) is housed in the store beneath PJ Autos Garage. This meter measures exact units consumed.  Electricity is currently billed by E-on at 15.70p per unit. You will be charged the same.  Additionally, each tenant pays the agreed standing charge of 30p per day.
HOT WATER: 10 litre "multipoint" water heater for main sink.  A small capacity hot water is provided for the toilet.
HEATING: Electric oil-filled electric radiators.
DEPOSIT: A deposit of £1500 is returned if at the end of any agreement the premises are returned in the same decorative condition as at the start of the term. 
SIGNAGE: A charge of £70 inc VAT is made to cover cost of providing attractive engraved signs for the entrance doors, the car park and the lane.
INSURANCE: Aviva  provide property insurance as one policy on the whole of Highgate Works.  The premium is £150 per annum for the whole of The Clocktower Building. This is divided up according to floor area (ratio of 6:4) CLOCKTOWER STUDIO 60% of the cover;  CLOCKTOWER LOFT 40% of the cover; so is charged £7.50 per month.  External repairs; pathway and road maintenance; gutters and leaf clearance; all the responsibility of the landlord.  The tenant is responsible for all interior decoration.  The office will be newly decorated and a deposit will be retained to ensure that the premises are returned in the same decorative order they were in at the start of the tenancy.
REFERENCES: Two business references (and previous landlord where applicable) will be required.
PETS: No dogs or pets are allowed at Highgate Works out of consideration for the welfare of all who have business here and our residential neighbours.
SECURITY GATES: The Tomtits Lane heavy electronic security gate opens at 7am and closes at 8pm.

PAYMENT BY STANDING ORDER: An example: If the tenancy starts on January 1st, the initial payment (three months' rent in advance) will cover rent up to the end of March.  First payment by standing order on February 1st will pay rent for April.

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